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Rebrand - Corporate.

Collaborating with Design Director Sadhbh O'Beirne at Zero G to create a series of Imagery conveying Bord na Mona's shift in focus from non-renewable to renewable energy.

Role - Photography, Art Direction, Video Direction, Casting.
Year - 2021

Client - Zero G


Working on a number of projects for Bord Na Mona Renewable Energy in 2020 and 2021, through the seasons, through the different arms of their operations as they are actively transforming away from finite energy harvesting, to being Ireland's leading force in renewable Energy and Bogland wildlife regeneration and conservation.

Creatively, it was a palpably expansive space to be in.
I came away strongly feeling that the essence of this energetic change, is a reflection of what is shifting in the collective awareness around consumption, cause and effect.

It was inspiring to spend time close to the core of the shift. Immersing myself in it, as we continue to evolve awareness of what is healthy to presently consume and how. Not just physically, but emotionally and Spiritually and all interchangeably.... the deepest word being energetically.


With expansion inevitably comes contraction as we try to hold on to what is familiar but growth will always continue in some form whether we hold on or let go. There is no point of perfect arrival, just a perfectly flawed continuum with life being in the movement itself.

Photographer and Art Director: Seán Jackson

Creative Director: Sadhbh O'Beirne

Designer: Zero G

Stylist: Aisling Farinella

Make up: Orlaith Shore

Video: Seán Jackson & Dave O'Carroll

Photographic Assistants: Ishmael Claxton and Ben Morrisson

Casting: Sean Jackson and Sadhbh O'Beirne

Production: Edel Traynor

Models: Morgan the Agency & Not Another Intl

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