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All of Names Jewellery pieces are made by hand in the Irish Design Store traditional workshop by owners Clare Grennan and Laura Caffery. Each style is named after a friend, family member or other woman who has inspired them.


Their ethos is that jewellery goes beyond the physical form - it is a sentiment of value we give to one another and hand down through generations.

We grow to notice the feeling of our jewellery - it's weight, form and texture. We carry it with us from morning to night.

Clare and Laura's purpose with Names is to create through contemporary styles and materials using traditional methods by hand, making each piece of unique character and worthy of generational exchange. 

They wanted to create a visual identity that reflects all of these aspects of who they are.


Visual Identity. Advertising. 

Collaborating on creative direction with Designer, Keelin Coyle to develop identity and expand awareness of Irish Design Shop's Jewellery Brand - Names. 

Role - Consulting, Creative Direction, Still and Moving Image
Year - 2022

Client - Irish Design Shop

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